Writing plays have always been a passion of mine. When I was younger I acted in plays all the time. When I became ill with double pneumonia I had no clue of what direction to go in. I heard the Holy Spirit say you will write. I thought the medications were causing me to lose my mind.  Reverend Jackson came to visit me and confirmed the voice of God by saying you should be writing. I started crying because that was the message I heard. I remember asking God what the title would be and said, "I Spoke With God."

My first play was entitled ,  "I Spoke with God." The Holy Spirit guides me every time I write a play. My second play was entitled, "Mirrors, Angels, and Lord Help My Sisters." I truly enjoy expressing my most intimate times with God through my writing. I desire to do His will by using these plays as a channel to compel many to come to Him. My goal is to begin taking my plays on the road and ministering to the masses.


GND Productions

"I Spoke With God"

"Mirrors, Angels, and Lord Help My Sisters"


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