Ginetta Adebayo

Ginetta is a fanatical health and wellbeing enthusiast out of Houston, Texas. She is a weight management advisor and spiritual coach who desire to help others walk in the new person they were created by God to be physically, mentally and spiritually.    As an author, group fitness instructor and motivational speaker Ginetta’s goal is to help young adult men and women detour from self-destruction by building up self-appreciation through spiritual and physical fitness.  Nicknamed “the survivor expert”, Ginetta who once weighed 350 pounds eagerly has accepted the task of teaching others who battle any form of adversity, how she overcame her battle with obesity through the power of the Word of God.

Arnetta Ellinwood 

Resides in NC with her son and husband. In her free time, she enjoys turning old pieces new and giving them new purpose by way of DIY projects. She loves spending time with her loved ones and traveling. On any given day her routine consists of sing a-long breakfast, counting red cars in the car while driving and playing hide and seek. All of these activities are much needed down time with her son Ty whom she loves very much. When she is not DIY’ing a project or enjoying life with her little guy she is helping authors all over the world tell their story through narration. Arnetta is an Audible Narrator and a freelancer for two online companies Fiverr and UpWork. Her weekends are spent with her two favorite guys her husband Steven and her three-year-old Ty. 

Angelique Agee

​Is a strong willed, independent happy spirited individual whose only goal when she was young was to help people. She felt she could help women to build their self-esteem. At that time, she had no idea that "helping people" was part of being involved in a business and providing a service. She had no business experience or certification and did not consider herself a leader. When her family was concerned about her life's "purpose" it was suggested that she join Avon. She joined the business kicking and screaming and ended up on an unexpected life journey with amazing growth! At the point where she thought she had lost everything she found God.  The path was filled with twists, turns and discoveries. Angelique became rich in character, strength and spirituality. At times she wanted to give up, but she followed her heart. She built a 1.5 million dollar home based business from the ground by helping people to build their own successful businesses. Angelique is "purposely designed by God to serve others.” She and her husband Louis live in Alabama with their rabbit "Bunny" and share a love for traveling. In 2018 Angelique celebrated her 24-year anniversary with Avon.

Denecia Herbert

Is a woman of faith who believes in the power and sovereignty of God. Denecia is a gifted Scribe, Ghostwriter, Evangelist who operates in the Prophetic and Entrepreneur. She has been anointed to serve as a “midwife” for other men and women who are impregnated with purpose. She has defied the odds in her life by using Godly strategies to overcome two bouts with cancer, divorce after 18 years and so much more! Denecia is a living witness that God WILL heal the areas of your life that you allow Him to deal with. Honesty with God first, then self, is the key to TRUE deliverance! Denecia loves the Lord, she loves people and she loves her husband and her four children dearly. 

Jasmine Martin

Is a native of Fayetteville, NC and a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro, NC where she obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology. She is the mom of an awesome 3-year-old boy who is her greatest inspiration. Jasmine plays the flute, sings, and writes songs and poetry. She also acts, performing in productions on the regional theater level. Jasmine is currently a middle grades science teacher; she loves to see the light bulb come on in the mind of a child. She is loving, passionate, kind, hard-working and she loves the Lord and serving His people.

LaShonda Oates-Milsap

Is a graduate of Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. LaShonda earned her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice and later earned her MSW in Social Work from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. When she is not writing she enjoys: hiking, traveling, spending time with family, and attending sporting events. She regularly attends John Wesley United Methodist and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated. She currently resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Bruce and her youngest son, Cameran. She has three adult sons, Mitchell and Derrick of Greensboro, NC and Steven lives in Houston, Texas. 

Natia Taylor

Is a native of the Eastern Shore in Maryland. She is a dedicated and loving mother, daughter, sister and friend. Since birth she has strived to meet her goals both academically and spiritually. In 2007 she graduated from Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; and is nearing a Master’s degree in clinical counseling. It is her personal desire to work in a field that will allow her to help those who have been hurt, depressed, or otherwise struggling to get to a place of healing in their lives. As a devout Christian, Natia strives to spread God’s love through helping others not only within her community, but in society as a whole. She wants to contribute to people making the necessary, positive changes in their lives, not only for themselves, but for their family and future generations. In addition to social work she is also a Senior Non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force Reserve serving honorably for the past 16 years. 

Sha'Ronda Shaw

 Sha’Rhonda Shaw is one of the contributors to the “Be A Voice” collection of inspirational stories. Originally hailing from New Jersey, but she has been a native of North Carolina most of her life.  She is a wife, and a mother of 2 amazing young men. She obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Fayetteville State University. She also enjoys dancing, singing, working with the youth at John Wesley UMC and helping single women. 

Janeiccia Brown Mckoy

Is a woman on the move in her community who resides in North Carolina with her two children she works as a care taker while pursuing her degree in Sociology. Janeiccia has made it her mission to help women in her community and surrounding communities by forming a social group on Facebook called Sista’s Of Distinction. With this group Janeiccia along with other’s hope to uplift, encourage and empowerment women of all ages creating a platform where they can come together discussing various issues of women’s health, jobs, education, wealth, community and home. It is her vision to create a youth fellowship within her community that gives children the necessary resources needed to guide them as they become young adults. Without God she knows nothing would be possible for it is his grace and mercy that allows us to be here on earth one more day.

LaDante Elerby

Is a creative soul with a big heart, who is a loving son, big brother and friend to many. LaDante’ is a senior at Limestone College from Virginia Beach and on the track team where he is currently a captain. He can be described as the kid who is always happy and dancing. LaDante is a creative story teller and finds happiness in being able to conger up different ways to tell his story and stories of others to the masses. His greatest desire is to be able to take his creativity to the next level and reach all those who may need to hear what he has to offer.  Additionally, LaDante’ was a global youth ambassador for the United Methodist Church of North Carolina.

Thomas Jordon

Was born in Abilene Tx, and raised in Fayetteville Nc. He is the son of Natia Taylor. He graduated from Terry Sandford High school and after attend 3 years of college at Randolph Macon. He is interested is sports, drawing, and outdoor activities. He also enjoys being a mentor to younger men and kids when given the chance.

Joshua Brown

Was born and raised in Fayetteville, NC. He was born on March 23, 1996. Joshua’s parents are Christina and Arrear Brown. Joshua’s church home is John Wesley United Methodist Church, which is located in Fayetteville NC. He graduated from Reid Ross Classical School, located in Fayetteville NC, in 2014. He attended Campbell University, which is located in Buies Creek North Carolina, where he studied pre pharmacy and Athletic Training for two years. Joshua Williams is an active member of the United States Army Reserve. Joshua Williams is a man of God who believes in all the miraculous things he can do in his life.  Joshua is gifted with the spiritual gifts of ministering to others, preaching and singing. He wants to make an impact on the world by using his voice to be a blessing to others. Joshua is Unashamed of confessing to the world who God is to him, and how important God is to him. Joshua loves God, loves his family, and has plenty more love to go around the entire world. 

Kevin Smith

Was born on August 15, 1995 in Fayetteville, NC. Kevin's parents are Diana Smith and Willie Jones. Kevin graduated from 71st High School in 2014 with a good academic level. Kevin went on to obtain his Associates Degree in Education at University of Phoenix and is currently attending Fayetteville State University “BRONCO PRIDE”. This is Kevin’s first time experiencing a HBCU College. Kevin came to FSU as a Transfer Sophomore Student. Kevin's major is Elementary Education and Minor with Communications. Kevin desires to become a Theater Arts Teacher in the State of Georgia or the State of California. Kevin's is very good with media and is currently involved with the Marching Bronco Express Media Team and does the media for the Auxiliary Squad known as Ladies of Expressions. Kevin loves the Lord and his family and he's funny and loves to dance. Kevin’s future goal has been stuck in his mind since he was in Middle School and that's to be in front of your TV Screen or In the Movie Theaters.

Michael Herbert

Is a native Houstonian who has a heart for Gods people and a passion for serving food that calms the soul! Michael was born and raised in North Houston and always possessed a strong desire to be a business man. Today he is living out that dream as the proud owner of “Big Hubs Food Shack” and “Abears’ Catering Service” where he enjoys serving the people. Michael is married to Denecia Herbert and together they have four adult children.


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