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Have you ever questioned what is real in your life? Is God real? Do angels really exist? Is there really a heaven or hell? People today are lost because they only believe in what they see. If people don’t directly hear from God or see angels, they will not believe. My life journey has afforded me the opportunity to talk with God and to see angels which has totally increased my faith. Rising from my fears, dealing with several hospital scares and nearly dying has given me the momentum to go full speed for my Father. These trials and tribulations taught me how to trust God, how to talk with God and most importantly how to walk with Him. God will make himself real in your life. There is no running from the Lord. Calling on God, calling on Jesus, and calling on the Holy Spirit will direct your path. I am still learning my purpose in life.

"Reflections: I Wish I'd Known" is an anthology that details astonishing and transparent testimonies of 15 amazing women, each with her own compelling testimony. From rape, molestation, physical and mental abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, and more, these women have faced various trials but did not allow their circumstances to define their future. After having gone through their individual and unique valley experiences, they now reflect back on those things they wish they had known WHILE going through. Today, they can attest to defying the odds stacked against them—some since before birth—and go on to express how they became powerful, strong women of God.

"Reflections: I Wish I'd Known" is bursting at the seams with hope and encouragement for women and young women in various stages of life.


The co-authors made it through, and you can, too!

Do you know who the woman is 'hidden behind the mask'?

In this second book in The Woman Behind the Mask series, join 14 women as they share with you their journeys of living behind the mask and how they came to identify the woman "hidden". Each woman transparently displays their hurts, pains, disappointments, and more as you walk with them through their testimonies of unmasking.

This book will inspire you to identify your true identity in Christ. Be empowered to take the first step towards freedom in HIM…then another…and then another. Invest in yourself by doing self-evaluation as you grow in HIM.

Woman, it is time for you to unmask yourself and be all whom GOD called you to be!


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