Christina Brown

Born and raised in Fayetteville NC. Parents are James Williams and The late Patricia Williams. Loved and Raised by my grandparents, the late Jessie and Dolly Jones. I am the eldest of six children. Married for 23 years and mother of six beautiful children of my own and mother to so many others. I am a Pediatric Nurse. I have been in nursing over 30 years as a CNA and Nurse. My church family is John Wesley UM Church. I do various ministries in the church with God's Grace. I am a children coordinator, assistant to the youth,and various other organizations. I love what I do. If you can do the things you do without stress it is a gift. Live in your gift. And don't be afraid to Praise the Lord!!. 

Arnetta Ellinwood 

Currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and son. She is the mother of one amazing little three-year-old and a professional voice over artist. 

Nakia Evans

The Authentic Living Strategist, is the Founder/CEO of Authentically You Magazine. She is also the owner and Radio Personality of Ruach Life Radio Network.

After dealing with many struggles in her life, Nakia knows what it feels like to be masked, covered, hidden, and abandoned. It is her passion and vision to help empower women to embrace who they are in Christ. She is the visionary of the Best Selling Series, The Woman Behind The Mask. She wants to empower others on identifying who they are in Christ and how to remove their masks. 

Denecia Herbert

Is a woman of faith who believes in the power and sovereignty of God. Denecia is a gifted Scribe, Ghostwriter, Evangelist who operates in the Prophetic and Entrepreneur. She has been anointed to serve as a “midwife” for other men and women who are impregnated with purpose. She has defied the odds in her life by using Godly strategies to overcome two bouts with cancer, divorce after 18 years and so much more! Denecia is a living witness that God WILL heal the areas of your life that you allow Him to deal with. Honesty with God first, then self, is the key to TRUE deliverance! Denecia loves the Lord, she loves people and she loves her husband and her four children dearly. 

Jasmine Martin

Is a native of Fayetteville, NC and a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University in Greensboro, NC where she obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology. She is the mom of an awesome 3-year-old boy who is her greatest inspiration. Jasmine plays the flute, sings, and writes songs and poetry. She also acts, performing in productions on the regional theater level. Jasmine is currently a middle grades science teacher; she loves to see the light bulb come on in the mind of a child. She is loving, passionate, kind, hard-working and she loves the Lord and serving His people.

LaShonda Oates-Milsap

Is a graduate of Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. LaShonda earned her B.S. degree in Criminal Justice and later earned her MSW in Social Work from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. When she is not writing she enjoys: hiking, traveling, spending time with family, and attending sporting events. She regularly attends John Wesley United Methodist and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta, Incorporated. She currently resides in Fayetteville, NC with her husband, Bruce and her youngest son, Cameran. She has three adult sons, Mitchell and Derrick of Greensboro, NC and Steven lives in Houston, Texas. 

Natia Taylor

Is a native of the Eastern Shore in Maryland. She is a dedicated and loving mother, daughter, sister and friend. Since birth she has strived to meet her goals both academically and spiritually. In 2007 she graduated from Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology; and is nearing a Master’s degree in clinical counseling. It is her personal desire to work in a field that will allow her to help those who have been hurt, depressed, or otherwise struggling to get to a place of healing in their lives. As a devout Christian, Natia strives to spread God’s love through helping others not only within her community, but in society as a whole. She wants to contribute to people making the necessary, positive changes in their lives, not only for themselves, but for their family and future generations. In addition to social work she is also a Senior Non-commissioned officer in the United States Air Force Reserve serving honorably for the past 16 years. 

Eraina Tinnon

The "Inspirational Powerhouse," is an Empowerment Coach, International Best-Selling Author and SelfLove Strategist. She has been named an “Encourager” because of her unfailing ability to lift the spirits of others. She is founder of Eraina Tinnin Unlimited, a contributing writer with Authentically You Magazine, Author of Becoming a Beautiful You & You Are a Gift. Coauthor of Healing Toxic Habits, Affirmations & Antidotes That Remind Me & The Woman Behind The Mask: Identifying The Woman Hidden. She is co-host of The Beautiful You Authentic You Radio Show & Co-Founder of Beautiful You Authentic You. Eraina, holds a Master’s Degree in Human Services with a specialization in Marriage & Family Therapy and resides in North Carolina with her husband, Corey. 

Bobbie Ward

Currently lives in North Carolina with her fiancé and two kids with one more on the way. She spends most days reading anything and everything. 


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